Sunday, 18 September 2011

Kitten update!

The kittens are all doing really well, and growing as you watch!  Sonata's girls, Kia and Sari, have had their first jabs and are due to join their new family in October.  They allowed me to take a photo of them today in between playing and eating :)

Jet's girls were four weeks old this weekend and are just beginning to explore the food bowl and the litter tray.  It won't be long before they too are racing around all over the place athletically.  I have named them after Valkyries!

This is Vieuxtemps Valkyrie, Kyrie for short.  She is staying with us:

Although Kyrie looks a smoky colour she will end up solid black like her dad, Quink.  Look at those long, strong legs and big paws!  She weighs just under 500g at the moment.  She is the laid-back one of the litter - in fact she could probably be described as a bit lazy, but very good-natured.

Then there is Vieuxtemps Rossweisse, pet name Rossi, black and white. She is going to live with Sam and Julie when she is old enough.

Rossi is the largest of the kittens having just overtaken Kyrie, and she is also the most advanced and adventurous.

Last but not least we have sweet Lindy (Vieuxtemps Ortlinde) who weighs just 350g but is perfectly strong and more than holds her own with the others.  She has a dear little personality.

Lindy is going to live with Pam and Chris when she is old enough.

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