Sunday, 14 September 2014

Introducing our wonderful new future stud boy, Into Wishin Will Scarlet.  He recently travelled all the way from America and today we went to our first TICA show with him.  He finalled in five rings, getting Best Kitten twice,  two third places and one seventh.  This was out of over forty kittens. Best of all, he just purred and purred all day long and behaved impeccably.  What a credit he is to his breeders, Melissa and George Alexander!

I can't thank them enough for allowing Will to join us.  He's an absolute darling.

Thanks also to my gifted and generous friend Heather Dutra who provided the snowy photo for the cat-show pen backdrop!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Mjoll, our 'baby', is looking all grown up lately and she is growing her first proper winter coat :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Good news and bad

I've put off writing for a long time, because of feeling so sad.  We lost Butz just three weeks before his thirteenth birthday.   Although he had been on heart pills for while, they were working so well and he was so lively and full of fun that we were lured into thinking we had him for a few years yet :(  He went as he had lived, gentle and courageous.  And we will never forget him.  We shouldn't complain as the average lifespan of an Airdale is 11.5 years.  But we do complain!  We wanted to share our life with him for ever!!

Here are the first and last photos we have of our Butz.

On a happier note, we received the photo below from France this week from our friends Linda and Pete - Thugga's character can be deduced from his nickname!  But he is very much loved, and in fact shares life with two wonderful Airedale terriers.  
Vieuxtemps Frankie profitent du soleil...
Vieuxtemps Velcro is going to join Thugga in his lovely life in the French countryside in a few months' time.  She will be pleased to meet more Airedales - she too misses Butz dreadfully.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Now we are three...

When we were very young
Gabriel and Indiana were two beautiful kittens who left home it seems like yesterday.. but really it was three years ago.  How time flies, and how lovely they have grown up under the care of their human slave Lynn Roberts, who took the photos below this winter.

Gabriel, brown tabby and white male
Indiana, tortie tabby and white female

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Happy Birthday, Chopin!

Yesterday was the composer Chopin's 203rd birthday.  He has aged well, his enthralling piano music sounding as fresh as ever.  Happy birthday Chopin!  Here are some of your favourite flowers, modest yet wonderfully perfumed violets.

This reminds me of my 'piano litter' - a bunch of gorgeous black and white Norwegian Forest kittens born eighteen years ago.  My dear Impromptu was one of these, and sadly he left us recently.  After a long and healthy life he simply died in his sleep.  We miss him terribly; a gentleman to the end, he never caused any trouble and was the reason this blog is called 'extraloudpurrs'.  His purrs were the loudest ever.

Rest in peace, Impromptu.  And live on forever in our hearts, dear Chopin.

Premier Vieuxtemps Impromptu in old age

Sunday, 25 November 2012

How time flies...

The kittens are three months old already.  They will be staying with us for a few more weeks until they are microchipped and neutered.

Today, Neil from White Squirrel Photography took some super photos even though the kittens, being kittens, refused to pose for more than half a second as they just wanted to play!

Mjoll Snow Shod, tortie and white
Ulfric Stormcloak, blue and white
Alduin, blue tabby and white

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

All grown up

This is Tildy, who left home a small naughty kitten and has become a beautiful sweet adult.  Her owner kindly sent us this picture, saying ' I have been unable to get a good side on shot to show her magnificent coat and tail'.  Thank you, Pam!