Monday, 12 September 2011

Growing up

Today, I took some not-very-good photos of our kittens.

Here is Velcro, aged nearly five months, babysitting Kia (above) and Sari (below), who were having a snooze at the highest point they could find - on top of the six-foot scratching post.

Meanwhile, the baby litter are coming along very nicely.  Here is a family portrait of dad Quink (black), mum Jet (tortie tabby and white) and the three little girls.

Tabby girl aged three weeks:

Black and white girl aged three weeks:

It was no surprise to me that the big black and white girl is the first out of the nest, eager to explore and toddling along very strongly already.  The all-black girl, who we are keeping, is just as large but more laid-back (or lazy).  Brown tabby girl is very sweet and lively and still smaller than the others, but sturdy and bright.  I love this combination!  It will be the last of this particular pairing as dad is now neutered and Mum will be spayed later in the year.

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