Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Adult NFCs needing homes

As well as breeding NFCs I am the Welfare Officer of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club.  We have quite a lot of beautiful Forest Cats looking for forever homes at the moment, all based in the north of the country.  They vary in age from twelve down to three, are mainly females, and will all be neutered and inoculated before joining their new homes.

If you could help one of these cats in their time of need, please email me and let me know a bit about yourself and if you could take one cat or two (or more!) and if you have other cats, children, dogs etc already.  They need to move through no fault of their own, and deserve lots of love and attention, which they will repay with interest.

Visit the Welfare page on the Club website:  Norwegian Forest Cat club

Update, 27.10.11:  All of these needy cats now have good homes lined up for them.  However if you feel you could give a Forest Cat in need a permanent, safe and loving home, do please ring or email Mary-Rose to go on our waiting list.

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