Saturday, 25 February 2012

My how they've grown!

It's always good to receive news of kittens who have left home.  Today I was emailed some lovely pictures and stories from Claire and family, who live with Vita and Violet (born in 2009).  They left home as a small red and white girl and a fluffy pretty silver tortie girl.  Here they are as kittens, with some little cousins:
Left to right: Vieuxtemps Vita, Violet, Frederica and Vilanelle
And today, aged two-and-a-bit:

Claire writes:

"The two of them have both blossomed into two gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cats... Vita does look like her daddy quite a lot, and Violet definitely has the look of her mother. Vita like her name is a ball full of life and can be very chatty and demanding when wanting to play! Violet on the other hand is without a doubt the lazier cat who would rather watch her sister play than do it herself and from time to time likes to sneak up and pounce on Vita."
Violet, grown-up and at nearly 6kg having to watch her waistline!
"They are very sympathetic and almost have a sixth sense, as they always know when something is wrong. They are both brilliant personalities and we love them to bits! The cats are our best friends as they are always there for you and when you are down their little cute faces cheer you up."
Vita as an adult.  It is unusual, but not impossible, to get red females as well as males.
Thank you to Claire and family.  I too find Norwegian Forest Cats very 'sympathetic' - they are friendly and kind, and really do become an enormously important part of the family.