Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A cat for winter

(c) Shirley Fullarton
Today I received this beautiful artwork from my artist friend Shirley, a portrait of a cat she got from me many years ago.  Magnus has gone to Valhalla but he lives on in this painting where Shirley has captured his personality so well.  Magnus (Vieuxtemps Pumpernickel) was a gentle giant, so typical of NFC male neuters.

Norwegian Forest Cats obviously differ between individuals, just as we humans do, but my experience has been that they positively enjoy cold weather.  Their coats develop a duvet-like woolly undercoat that puffs out and keeps them toasty warm, while the oily overcoat keeps them dry.  I also find that NFCs tend to prefer to sit next to you rather than on your lap, which may be partly down to size (too big to comfortably fit on  a lap) but is also due to the fact they don't like to get too hot.  I feel their metabolism is different from other cats I have lived with.