Thursday, 6 October 2011

Now we are six (weeks old)

These three girl kittens are all extra adorable, they really are.  And so sturdy and sweet-natured.  I am so happy that I get to keep one.  Here are photos taken at age six weeks.

Rossi is a bold, brave, clever kitten!
Lindy is feminine and pretty, but also has a mind of her own!
Kyrie reminds me of her dad, Quink, not just in looks but character.  She's just lovely.
The kittens are growing really well, full of health and fun.  They switched to eating food and using their litter tray seemingly overnight at four weeks of age with no need of help from me.  Jet's such a good mother, all I need to do is enjoy!

All these kittens have homes waiting for them, so no enquiries please, although you can go on my waiting list if you like.  Next kittens will be Uku's, due towards the end of the year.

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