Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The kittens are nearly two months old already

Lindy is naughty but nice!

How time flies.  It is nearly two months since these kittens were born.  During that time they have learned to eat, use the litter tray, wash, hunt and kill toys and climb to the top of the climbing frame....

Rossi explores the cat climbing frame
... and sometimes, fall in the bath and chase each other round and round the room.  No wonder they are such good athletes already!
Then she poses to show off her profile
Several people have asked me about Kyrie's coat - is she really black?  
Kyrie just coming up to two months
Sometimes she looks chocolate, and sometimes smoke.  The answer is - yes, she is definitely solid black, just like her Dad.  Quink also was this funny colour at her age, but he's a proper black cat now as you can see. 
The kittens' dad, Quink (Quil Gyldenloeve) as a kitten

As an adult, Quink is very black!

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