Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Happy Birthday, Butz!

It's scary how quickly time goes by.  Butz is twelve today! (And if my father, the person who instilled in me a love of Airedale Terriers, were alive he would be 100 years old today.)
Here's a photo of my father as a little boy:
 This would have been taken around 1917.  He's the one on the right.

Here is Butz as a puppy:

And this is him recently:

Butz is still hale and hearty, and full of beanz.  He slowed down earlier this year when he had to be put on heart pills, but they are working excellently so he still enjoys his daily walks.  This morning I'm going to take him on an extra special outing, then give him a huge doggy breakfast of raw chicken with green veggies mixed with a little tuna on the side.

Butz's best friend is our stud cat Valentine - they have been inseparable since Valentine was a small kitten: