Thursday, 24 November 2011

Goodbye Rossi!

The time has come for the kittens to leave home.  How did the weeks pass so quickly?  Rossi joined her new humans and a new feline friend yesterday.  She should feel at home as Julie is Danish, and Rossi's ancestors come from Denmark on both sides of her pedigree.  Here is her last moment at home after she had packed her bags, which included a week's supply of the food and litter she is used to, her favourite toy (a cat-tunnel), lots of paperwork and many sad kisses from me.
Rossi got into the carrier that would take her to her new home -  little knowing what was in store!  But I am sure a good life awaits her, with lots of love and fun.
Meanwhile, Lindy, who is a real mummy's girl, snuggled up to Jet, unaware that she too will be leaving home in a week and a half.  
Jet with Lindy

I'm very glad that Kyrie is staying or the place would seem quite bereft.

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