Saturday, 27 August 2011

Kittens in their new homes

Our Kitten Scrapbook

Just a few of the many notes and pictures that we have received from happy slaves of Vieuxtemps kittens…..

Thanks to Shirley for this photo of Magnus (born 1998) and Katia (2008)

Thugger [brown classic tabby and white boy, below] comes up to play with feet at about 3am, just to make his presence felt. He's already broken one of my Art Deco bowls, but I have loads so no loss, by swinging off the dining room table but que sera - I'd rather have him.
Had a lovely experience a few nights ago with Thugger and Tess the Airedale. She was asleep on the red rug in front of the fire, he was on his nightly mad gambol. Suddenly he stopped about 4ft in front of her, so she kept a beady eye on him (learnt that's best already). He sat, then crept forward, did it twice more - I said to Pete, 'This could be interesting'. He sat in front of her and we waited for pandemonium to break loose but he laid down and kept touching her paw. Did it several times and Tess stayed where she was, though keeping the beady eye alert -it was if he was saying to her - 'I like Airedales, will you be my pal. The relationship between them keeps growing and I'm sure they'll be cosy-ing up to each other before too long.

Linda, Cornwall 2011

I love Fadette (above), she is the most beautiful kitten, so gentle, fabulous personality. Last evening she went to sleep next to me on the settee flat out on her back with her front paws up around her ears.
David, Kent 2009

Update, August 2011

Just a quick up date to let you know that Fadette (now called Olivia) is still alive and well and coming up for her second birthday. She weighs approximately five kilos and goes out every day in the morning and roots about in her little territory. She is always back home in the evening again by 18.00 or before and spends each night sleeping on or nearby our bed. She gets on famously with her dog sister Bonnie and they spend a lot of time together play fighting or licking each other ears and heads. Somehow and we don't know how, she has learned about roads and cars thank goodness. She is the most docile playful little girl who has never tried to bite or scratch either Debbie or I. When she grabs your hand with her paws, the claws are in and she just licks your fingers. A truly delightful animal to have around. 

Hi there, well, I don't need to tell you how lovely Indy and Gabriel are, but they really are great. Can't believe the loudness of the purrs that come out of Indy at the mo - such a tiny cat making such a roar!
Lynn, Essex 2009

Bebe is exceedingly affectionate and a mummy's girl although very independent and doesn't like to be picked up when there's tomatoes to smell or trees to climb :-)  She loves the hose which my husband always finds fascinating as the other cats run a mile when he's watering the garden. Her coat's becoming amazing and the colours are really starting to show.

I am very happy with her - she's so happy go lucky and doesn't suffer from prima donna moods like Eva! She's always accommodating to the others at meal times and seems to be everyone's baby as even Bert has allowed her on the bed with him a couple of times which is unheard of !!

Sandra, Essex, 2008

Harry is wonderful, oh my god what a cat! He is into everything and definitely in charge! He is my friendliest cat, follows me everywhere, his tail is huge, he is big! 

Thought you might like the update, just to let you know you've bred an amazing cat. Thank you.

Wendy and family, Kent, 2008 

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